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Avian Migration Physiology, Ecology, and Evolution

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I am a PhD candidate in biological sciences and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow (NSF-GRFP) at Auburn University in Alabama, studying avian migration physiology in Drs. Wendy Hood and Geoffrey Hill's labs. My current dissertation work focuses on migration bioenergetics, specifically investigating the seasonal modulation of mitochondrial traits and their underlying mechanisms. am particularly interested in the role of mitochondrial metabolism in meeting the energetic demands of long-distance flight. I am also interested broadly in ecophysiology, tradeoffs, trait variation, and adaptation in avian taxa. My work involves a combination of laboratory experiments and field studies. My interest in bird migration dates back to my teen years, where I began volunteering at a migratory bird banding station in lower Alabama. As a co-founder of the Banding Coalition of the Americas (BCA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, I dedicate my volunteer time to science outreach. As a native of the Alabama Coast, I am deeply passionate about contributing to the broader understanding of bird biology and migration.

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