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During my time as a graduate student, I have strived to bolster my teaching experience. I am passionate about teaching all ages and have given talks and lectures on a variety of topics from birding, overview of ornithology, avian migration, hummingbirds, bird physiology, and bird banding and survey techniques. I have catered talks to all ages from middleschool, highschool, undergraduate, graduate, and adults. 

I also have given guest lectures to undergraduate classes for Ornithology and Vertebrate Natural History. I was also invited to give a lecture at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Auburn University.


In fall 2020, I also initiated the Auburn Bird Banding Training Program with the support of Dr. Geoffrey Hill. The primary goal of this project is to teach students useful and competitive field skills applicable to avian survey and capturing techniques. These skills are helpful to wildlife and biology students who are continuing their work in the field or for future jobs. Participants learn setting up and tearing down mist nets, best practices for handling and banding birds, extraction, bird identification and behavior, using molt and plumages for aging and sexing, morphometrics, and best practices for data collection.

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